Recap of My 2018

Long time no post… If we consider that I published my last post on January 13, 2016, I’ve been silent for almost 3 years! Even though one of my goals in 2018 was publishing a blog post once per month, the chain got broken after the first month of the year… Obviously, I didn’t have enough motivation to get it done… However, a couple of weeks ago I have decided to create a recap for my 2018 in order to compare the things I did with the next year results on December 31, 2019, and then I asked myself: “why don’t I publish this recap as a post in my blog?”. So do I…

I have grouped the recap of my 2018 under 4 sections: places, books, songs, and milestones.


This year I have traveled a lot in comparison with previous years. Even though I have already been a couple of times to some places like Moscow, Riga, Saint Petersburg, and Tartu, it doesn’t change the fact that I have visited them in 2018 as well! I hope I will be able to visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 2019 too…


Frankly speaking, I was barely finishing 1-2 book(s) per year till I moved to Russia. Although, I was encouraged to read by the people around me and my friends, I was still resisting to change it by the end of my education there. The day I bought myself a kindle, I overcome my stubbornness and in the end, reading a book became a daily routine for me. The more I read, the more I enjoy! Here are the books, I have read in 2018:

and here are the ones that I am currently reading:


Music is essential to me as much as water! According to Spotify(, I spent 46332 minutes by listening to music this year. I would like to share my favorite songs in 2018:


Under this section, I will be listing the experiences I had for the first time in my life in 2018. I admit that I might be too late for some of them but as they say, better late than never!


That’s all from me for this year!


Happy new year to everyone!

Всем с наступающим новым годом!

Head uut aastat!

Herkese mutlu yıllar!

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