Do Svidaniya Izmir!

Yesterday, I left my lovely city, my family, and my best friends for the first time in my life… As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I had been waiting for my invitation letter from the Ministry of Education and Science Russian Federation for 2 months and each day, I had been losing my hope about receiving that.

Two days ago, the letter has finally come and all of my concerns have given place to excitement and enthusiasm. I had only 5 hours to get ready to go to Russia but also there were a lot of things to do such as saying goodbye to my family, filling the visa application form, and checking and taking along all the required things (but despite everything, I missed something which is not so important). Anyway, I have taken the road to the airport with my family and friends. It was a hard moment for us because of that we were leaving from each other for the first time! It was a great flight to Istanbul on Thursday night and when I arrived at my cousin’s place, I was already feeling pretty exhausted. Now, I am so excited to go to Moscow!

One more thing.. Since I have started to study the Russian language, I have already learned a couple of words like the title of this post: До Свидания! (Do Svidaniya – means Goodbye)

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