Recap of My 2018

Long time no post…¬†If we consider that I published my last post on January 13, 2016, I’ve been silent for almost 3 years! Even though one of my goals in 2018 was publishing a blog post once per month, the chain got broken after the first month of the year…¬†Obviously, I didn’t have enough motivation to get it done… However, a couple of weeks ago I have decided to create a recap for my 2018 in order to compare the¬†things I did with the next year results on December 31, 2019, and then I asked myself: “why don’t I publish this recap as a post in my blog?”. So do I… Continue reading

Installing Laravel on Mac OS X with XAMPP

Hello Folks! I am writing this post after a long time.

Today, I decided to start learning a new PHP framework, which is Laravel, for my master thesis. I am not going to talk about the pros and cons of this framework, it is already explained in detail on its official website ( I will explain how to install Laravel on Mac OS X with XAMPP step by step. Continue reading


Imagine how frustrating¬†is it to wake up each morning with the hope of starting a new journey, wait a fucking message, which is the beginning of this journey, from somewhere¬†until evening, and afterward, start to think that you’ll sleep on the same bed and wake up to the same… That’s exactly what I have been doing for 2 months(!) and the most annoying part of this process is that I have nothing to do for this unending waiting. Just keep on waiting patiently…